Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

Why Am I So Fat

The time has come and you are about to face the problem that has been bothering you for the past few years. Yes, it is your appearance and weight.

You have gained a few extra pounds and it is something that you are now ready to change. That is a good mindset and accepting the problem is the first step in solving it.

Still, you shouldn’t expect anything to happen overnight. It is not like those few pounds came after only a few days of binge eating and that is why you can’t expect them to go away without your effort and time. You getting fat was a process that took some time and was mostly affected by your eating habits. The fat burning process will focus on the same, but the other way around.

Losing weight is not as hard as some suggest. By being patient and strict with your schedule, you are sure to reach your goal. Still, the process can get challenging at times especially if you are trying to exclude extreme eating habits. That’s when you need to activate your inner power and show the world that you have everything that it takes to make a great change in your life.

But before getting into how to lose fat and what the habits you are that you should implement, it is important to know how you got fat in the first place. Let’s go ahead and take a look at the most common reasons for people gain those extra pounds.

The Critical Role of Genetics

While your own habits and lifestyle do play a huge part in the weight-gaining process, it is your genetics that plays a critical role as well. Genetics is something that we can’t have an effect on and that is what makes the whole process so tricky.

Still, if your family has a history of weight problems, it is something you should know about and thus put more effort into preventing the same case with yourself. We can’t change the predetermined factors, but we can act according to them.

One of the common problems related to genetics are stubborn fat areas – in women, these are normally the thighs and belly, while men are at a greater risk of developing a fatty back, belly, and arms. But stubborn fat areas aren’t something you should give in to either, as you can address these through a number of relevant exercises and a persistent healthy lifestyle. The Stop Fat Storage program includes a lot of tips and strategies on how to approach the losing weight process.

The Importance of Diet in Gaining and Losing Weight

While genetics may have affected your current weight, it is still your habits that played the most important role. Diet is a major factor in your health and appearance and if you don’t maintain a healthy and balanced diet, you can expect to gain those extra pounds and harm your overall health.

But what diet habits did you implement to gain weight in the first place? The answer to this is quite simple. Most people that have weight problems do have one thing in common – fast foods. Fast foods includes eating a lot of sugary and greasy products. This will lead only to heart problems and an overweight figure.

While you may see fast food as a convenient way to get your meal in, it is the worst possible source of nutrients, and you are doing nothing but harming to yourself. Sugars are the main cause of obesity, and all refined and processed food products contain a large amount of white sugar – bread, juices, prepared meals, everything you can think of.

Apart from not eating a healthy diet, you have probably had problems with overeating as well. Eating in a constant caloric surplus will once again result in weight problems. One of the main reasons for overeating is the emotional factor, and that is why you should try to keep away from stressful situations or find a method to cope with stress that doesn’t include eating (such as meditation or yoga).

Lastly, chances are you are not drinking enough water. Water is the most beautiful drink on Planet Earth and something that we forget about. Getting at least 8 glasses of water a day is a must, and anything below that is putting your health at risk.

How Does Inactivity Affect Your Weight?

Along with diet, it is regular exercise that plays a huge role in maintaining a healthy weight. Guess what? You are probably sitting at least 8 hours a day by your computer having no exercise or activity whatsoever while eating a caloric surplus that leads to your body storing more energy that it needs.

Inactivity is a huge problem, and studies show that excess sitting is becoming a common cause of early death (as a number of health problems are related to it). By not exercising and being stationary throughout the day, you are slowing down your metabolism, and losing muscle mass which converts to fat.

The Importance of an Adequate Sleep Routine

Lastly, not getting enough sleep is a sure way to gain more weight. The Stop Fat Storage program explains this problem very well and provides a number of tips on how to sleep better. If you don’t sleep for at least 6-7 hours each night, your cortisol levels will be on a constant rise, while the leptin levels will fall, which will result in a stressed and hungry feeling when you wake up.


There is nothing complicated about leading a healthy lifestyle. In fact, it is pretty simple – following the three main principles (balanced nutritious diet, regular exercise, and an adequate sleeping routine), you will be able to maintain a healthy weight and obtain the looks you have always wanted. Stay positive, stay confident, and burn that fat.