Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

Trouble Spot Nutrition Review: Everything You Need To Know

Many of us, at some point in our lives, have sought ways to rid ourselves of the aspects that lower our self-esteem and tarnish our self-image. For many people, especially folks over the age of 40, the main cause for this is the stubborn fat that can be found in the arms, belly, and legs.

The internet is filled with ‘proven’ methods for burning this fat and losing weight in ridiculously short time frames, but few are truly effective. However, a new nutrition discovery, known as Trouble Spot Nutrition, was made by a 37-year-old expert nutritionist and is capable of eliminating the fat storage in men and women caused by hormones.

What is Trouble Spot Nutrition?

Trouble Spot Nutrition is a three-phase nutrition system that targets specific problem areas of the body where fat tends to accumulate, such as the hips, belly, arms, and love handles. It aims to balance the hormones that cause the accumulation of fat, while also automatically burning stubborn fat from your most affected problem areas.

The program is available in a series of manuals, with the main manual containing the bulk of the information. It is a step-by-step manual that details just why fat tends to build up in specific locations, and how it can be burned away permanently.

The main manual is divided into two separate phases. Phase One covers how to suppress your HSD, which is the hormone that your body produces in order to store fat. This is done via a DRS cleanse, with the purpose of completing three essential, but often neglected, fat loss functions:

  • Detoxing the liver
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Suppressing HSD

Most people don’t know that when HSD is activated, people who usually have regular cortisol levels may start to accumulate fat in some of the problem areas mentioned above. Once Phase One has been completed, and you have successfully suppressed your HSD, you will be ready to move onto Phase Two.

Phase Two involves learning why fat tends to accumulate in certain trouble areas, and how you’ll be able to target these areas and burn the fat away using nutrition that is specific to your hormones. Both Phase One and Phase Two include detailed menu plans and step-by-step instructions to make following this plan as easy as possible.

Trouble Spot Nutrition also offers a number of bonus plans and manuals to help further burn stubborn fat and get you feeling more confident than ever. The Trouble Spot Estrogen Balancing Meal Plan is a manual that can be particularly useful for women who experience problems with trouble fat areas.

However, since both men and women produce estrogen, the plan can apply to men who have higher estrogen levels and lower testosterone levels, which can cause them to develop female fat patterning. The dominance of estrogen can make weight loss difficult for both sexes, so this manual can help men and women alike.

The Trouble Spot Thyroid Balancing Meal Plan is also catered more towards women, as more than 200 million women worldwide suffer from a thyroid imbalance. Not only is a thyroid imbalance responsible for stubborn fat areas, but it causes a number of other health problems as well, like irregular heart rhythms and muscle stiffness.

Women with a thyroid imbalance may notice a ‘box’ shape to their body, as well as a thick waist. This plan aims to improve thyroid function and reduce troublesome fat areas on the body.

The Trouble Spot Testosterone Balancing Meal Plan, as you may have guessed, was designed to be particularly useful to men. Its purpose is to combat the imbalance of testosterone, which can cause depression, muscle loss, and low sex-drive by naturally increasing testosterone levels.

Finally, the Trouble Spot Activation Workout is a unisex workout plan that aims to activate the beta receptors that are found in the adrenoreceptors of your body’s fat cells. It stimulates maximum adrenaline response and beta-receptor activation so that you can burn away troublesome fat as quickly as possible.

About Trouble Spot Nutrition

Thanks to the enormous number of pseudo-scientific workout plans and diets, it becomes easy to dismiss every company or product that claims to burn fat quickly and effectively. Trouble Spot Nutrition aims to combat this by providing an all-natural, scientifically-proven diet and workout plan that is guaranteed to lose those problem fat areas fast.

If it doesn’t, they’ll give you your money back.

Trouble Spot Nutrition is based around a study from 1956 in which researchers investigated the connection between the amount of weight gained and the types of calories that were eaten. The results of this study concluded that 1000 calories per day at 90% fat caused a weight loss of 0.9lbs per day, while 1000 calories per day at 90% protein caused a 0.6lbs weight loss per day.

Adversely, the study also found that 1000 calories per day at 90% carbohydrates caused a 0.24lbs weight gain per day. This proves that diets based on reducing daily caloric intake are not very effective at all, and what matters more is the type of foods you consume, rather than the number of calories you consume.

The Trouble Spot Nutrition Program also aims to suppress the HSD (Hydroxysteroid dehydrogenases) hormones in your body. These hormones are a group of enzymes that are involved in the metabolism and steroid biosynthesis.

When HSD hormones are suppressed, weight loss in the body, particularly stubborn areas, is encouraged, and one will notice consistent weight loss. Trouble Spot Nutrition specialises in targeting fat in the arms, chest, belly, hips, thighs, butt, and love handles.

Trouble Spot Nutrition also makes it clear that there are a number of exercise routines you may be doing that might be designed to target weight loss, but generally cause more hormonal problems instead. That’s why the program also features its own, specially designed workout routine to help target those stubborn fat areas even more acutely.

Bruce and Janet Krahn – the Creators of Trouble Spot Nutrition

Bruce Krahn is a celebrity personal trainer and best selling author and has been training for more than 15 years. He spent the majority of his life studying nutrition, fitness, and the human physique.

He works entirely with clients that are dedicated to change and to improve their overall fitness and health. Bruce works mainly in the Greater Toronto area, as well as in his private studio. He specialises in helping his clients to identify the physical and mental barriers that prevent them from achieving their optimal health.

Bruce and his team of nutritionists and expert doctors created a totally personalised nutrition and fitness program that is accessible 24/7 from anywhere on the planet. eBodi.com is a system culminating from numerous years of research and development.

He’s been working alongside his wife, Janet Krahn, who is a registered holistic nutritionist, for over 15 years. Together, they have thousands upon thousands of hours of coaching experience from their private practice in Canada.

While Bruce is the developer behind Trouble Spot Nutrition, Janet was actually the one who created the program. Janet suffers from an autoimmune disease that raises her cortisol levels and increases inflammation.

Since she is a certified nutritionist, Janet already had a wealth of knowledge regarding the way food impacts the body’s hormonal functions. With this knowledge, she created a nutritional system that would enable her and thousands of other people to balance their hormones, heal inflammation, and return their bodies to their healthy state.

This system would come to be known as Trouble Spot Nutrition, and is used today to balance hormone levels in the body. This balance enables weight loss and fat burning and helps revert any muscle deterioration that may have occurred over the years.

Pros and Cons

As with all products, reviewing the pros and cons will allow you to get a more complete picture of what it offers. Let’s take a look at what is involved with Trouble Spot Nutrition.


Scientifically Proven

As we mentioned earlier, the Trouble Spot Nutrition program is based on scientific evidence, and the program isn’t trying to hide anything from you. Since the creators of the program are both registered nutritionists and fitness professionals, Trouble Spot Nutrition can truly be considered safe and effective.

This will probably come as quite a relief to most folks who have tried multiple different ‘proven’ weight loss methods to no avail. There’s a lot of evidence backing this program, unlike so many other programs out there.

Clear Process

Many of the weight loss programs on the internet leave a lot unsaid, like what method of weight loss is best for a certain body type, or when one should expect to see results. This is not the case with Trouble Spot Nutrition since the program is clearly laid out in three steps.

There are also several manuals available for purchase alongside the main manual. These extra manuals help target even more isolated and precise areas in the body and can help you further understand why you haven’t been able to lose that stubborn weight.

No Calorie Counting

So many diets out there have you counting each calorie you consume every day, which causes you to feel extremely guilty when you exceed your daily calorie limit. This isn’t a problem with Trouble Spot Nutrition since the program is focused on changing the type of calories you consume, rather than cutting them out entirely.

This often feels more rewarding, since you’re able to continue eating some of your favorite foods without worrying about how it’s going to affect your calorie count.


Complete Lifestyle Change

Many people are averted to change, and enjoy their lives just the way they are. Unfortunately for them, the Trouble Spot Nutrition program is essentially a total change to one’s lifestyle.

Trouble Spot Nutrition changes the way you eat, how you exercise, and the way you look at your body. For some people, this can be quite stressful, as it’s often comforting to fall into a routine and maintain it, especially if it’s all you’ve ever known.

Online Downloads Only

There are no physical copies of the Trouble Spot Nutrition manual available, and if there are, we weren’t able to find them. This means you’ll have to download it from the internet, which generally isn’t a problem for most people, but can be a little frustrating for those who find it easier to take in information from a physical page rather than a screen.

Sales Process

Currently, Trouble Spot Nutrition is offering their Main Manual, as well as all four of their Extra Manuals for only $20. All of the manuals would normally set you back well over $600, so this is truly an incredible bargain.

Once you’ve read through the website and scrolled to the end, you’ll find the ‘Add to Cart’ button. The discount coupon is automatically added as soon as you click this button, so you won’t need to worry about any extra steps.

Then, you’ll be sent to a ClickBank secure checkout screen. This is a typical online purchase screen, and you will be required to enter your email address and billing information (cardholder name, card number, expiry date, country, etc.)

You will also need to choose the currency that you plan to make the payment with. Once all the criteria have been filled, you can proceed to click the ‘Pay Now’ button. As soon as the payment clears, all five manuals will be available for download at your leisure.

If you aren’t satisfied with your purchase, ClickBank will allow you to return or replace your product within sixty days, starting from the date of purchase. Be sure to read the terms of sale at the bottom of the page for more information.

Wrapping Up

Trouble Spot Nutrition makes a lot of claims, but it’s up to you to decide whether or not these claims are valid. One thing is for sure though: if the Trouble Spot Nutrition program really does work, it could change the lives of thousands, if not millions of people, including you. We hope this Trouble Spot Nutrition review has helped you in your decision process.