Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

How To Lose The Last Bit Of Fat (Here’s the Solution)

If you have been trying hard and just can’t get rid of that last bit of fat, you are not alone. This is the burden of many people who are on a diet to get rid of their extra weight.

It seems like an impossible task to get rid of the last bit of fat so you can finally fit into those jeans again. Many times, you have told yourself there is something wrong with you, or you decided to give up on trying to lose weight.

Do not give up, though! You came all the way to this point, so it is not time to give up yet. Keep on reading if you want to know how to lose that last bit of fat that is just so stubborn.

Why Is The Last Bit So Hard To Lose?

How many times have you asked yourself why you can not get rid of that last bit of stubborn belly fat? That is a special breed of fat that is far more advanced than normal fat, or at least, that is how it feels.

Normal fat that is located in other parts of the body has blood flowing through it and comes with beta receptors. The other fat also has the characteristic of being insulin sensitive to use blood glucose more effectively to reduce blood sugar.

That is not the case with that stubborn fat that has far less blood flow in it. This means it will not be able to release enough of the fat into the bloodstream for other uses in the body.

What this fat does is release all the fat to the bloodstream to be used as energy throughout the whole body. It also causes these areas where the fat resides in the body to stay much colder than other parts of the body.

While those areas are colder, less fat will be released into the bloodstream, so it will stay where it is. Also, if it is not released into the bloodstream, the fat can not be burned and you can not get rid of it in normal ways.

Some Other Explanations About Why

There might also be other reasons why you are not losing that last bit of fat, and we will take a look at most of them. We will take a look at all these reasons to be sure that we do not miss anything.

Your Gut Is Not Healthy

Your stomach or your gut is made up of good and bad bacteria, which is called gut flora by scientists. This is considered the body’s garden, and the balance of this gut flora must be kept in check to be healthy.

This is important because the gut flora has quite a large influence on a lot of the functions in your body. Metabolism is one of these functions in the body that it controls.

How do you keep the gut flora well balanced so that it will have a positive influence over these important body functions? This is quite easy, as you just need to feed the good bacteria in your gut a lot of fibrous food to restore the order.

Yogurts and fruits, such as pears, will have quite a good reaction with your gut to help it get healthy again.

You Have Inflammation

Sometimes, injuries happen inside your body that you are not aware of, but you can feel the reaction of your body to it. The response of the body to try to heal injuries or fight bacteria and viruses is inflammation.

This is quite a vital part of the immune system’s response and is a way to defend against bacteria and to heal itself. If something is wrong inside your body, it will react with this type of response to help heal what is not right.

This inflammation will disrupt hormones that are regulating the metabolism, and this can lead to weight gain or disease. When you consume too much sugar and take in high doses of unhealthy fats and oils, injuries can lead to inflammation.

To help your body get rid of the fat, you can add some inflammation-fighting food into your diet, and this might help.

You Are Not Burning Calories Effectively

When your gut flora is out of balance, it will also have quite an impact on the way your body breaks down calories. This has to do with the two types of fat cells that are present in the body, namely the white cells and the brown cells.

While the brown fat cells in the body protect the body against too much weight, the white fat cells cause obesity and resistance to insulin. The more brown cells you have in your body, the better it will be for you when it comes to losing that last bit of fat.

You need your body to turn the white fat cells into brown fat cells as often as possible to keep fighting the excess fat. When there are too many white cells around, you will build up insulin resistance, and that will make it very difficult to lose weight.

Melatonin improves the production of brown fat cells, so you need to get enough sleep and exercise while having a healthy diet.

Your Digestive System Is Not Working Properly

Your digestive system works like a plumbing system for your body. It will help turn the calories into fuel that it will burn. If your digestive system is not working properly, it will not retrieve the necessary nutrients from your food.

This means the food goes through the digestive system and is processed, but not all the nutrients are extracted from the food. Your metabolism will slow down, and you will become bloated and feel tired all the time due to the lack of sufficient energy.

If your digestive system does not retrieve all the energy and vitamins, as well as all the minerals from the food, it will cause problems. These problems will cause your body to hang on to that belly fat.

Again, you will have to rely on fiber and probiotics to help restore your digestive system so it can do its work properly.

You Are Insulin Resistant

Insulin resistance is when your body does not deal well with the sugar and carbohydrates you consume. This means that the body will notice an increase of sugar in the blood and will start to increase insulin in the blood.

In this way, the body increases the insulin so it can transport the sugar to the cells that will process the sugar for energy. This is quite a vicious cycle, as the cells start to increase the insulin, which will eventually cause resistance.

This will cause more free-floating sugar in the blood, which will then be converted into fat that is stored in the belly area. The more this happens, the more fat will be stored, and eventually, you can develop diabetes, unless you reverse this process.

The best solution here is to lose fat and build muscle through strength training to improve the body’s response to insulin.

You Don’t Eat Enough Good Foods or Too Many Bad Foods

This is when you eat good foods with all the healthy words written all over it, such as diet, vegan, organic, and gluten-free. Many of these types of foods still have a lot of sugar and carbohydrates, as well as processed nutrients in it.

You need to read the labels of all the food you buy no matter what they say it is good for and what it does not contain. These foods give you a false sense of a healthy diet.

These foods may just as well lead to obesity, and many people will not even know that it is because of the food they buy. It does not matter if they say it is healthy or all-natural; it still is not healthy if you want to lose weight.

You should read the label and see what is actually inside those foods before you eat too much “healthy” food.

How to Lose The Last Bit of Fat

Now that you know what has been causing the issue, here is how to eliminate that last bit of fat.

You Need To Do Weights Before Cardio

Many people will start their workout session with cardio, and then they will go over to do weight training. By the time you start doing weights, you already used up a lot of energy, and you will not be able to do as many repetitions with the weights.

It is more important to start out doing weights first while you have enough energy to do it. This way, you will be burning more fat with your workout sessions, and in the process, you will be burning that belly fat, as well.

It is found that doing weight training will actually help you lose fat, and cardio makes you lose muscle while losing weight. You will also lose far more calories for every pound of muscle you put on, so the more muscles you add, the easier you will lose weight.

This is also a great way to lose that stubborn fat that you are struggling to get rid of, not just the weight.

You Need To Add More Spices

More spices in your food will help improve and boost your metabolism, as well as help resist diabetes. They will also help burn more calories and fat because of the thousands of healthy phytonutrient compounds spices contain.

Spices also contain lots of antioxidants to help in the fight against inflammation and to get your metabolism back in the right place. This is also quite an easy way to get more from your meals and to help against many other ailments in your body.

Spices will also help boost the digestive system quite drastically, and they will also help the body fight against cancers. Furthermore, spices may also help delay diabetes and prevent heart attacks, and they will keep your body healthy overall.

When your system works perfectly, it will not be a problem to get rid of that extra bit of fat.

You Need to Do More Intense Workouts

To get rid of that last bit of stubborn fat, it is suggested that you need to do faster workouts as part of your training session. While you are doing faster workouts, you should also change your diet to take in more calories to reach your Basal Metabolic Rate.

You can also add some squats to your exercise plan for the abs, butt, and thighs. All the muscle groups that have to do with the midsection will benefit from adding some reps into your training session.

By working the area where that fat is located, you will add more heat to that section and allow more fat to be released. We said in the beginning that lack of heat and shortage of blood flow in this fatty area reduces the chances of getting rid of it.

While you can not add blood flow through the fat, you can heat it up. This will speed up the process of releasing it into the blood.

You Need To Do Fasting Workouts

By fasting, you can reduce the amount of insulin in the blood, and that will force the body to tap into the fat for energy. While you are fasting, even though your body will be a bit weaker, you can still do some of your workout routines.

You should not overdo it, though, because this might cause some problems with the kidneys and the liver. However, it will do your body good to do a little fasting now and then to clean out your system.


As you can see, there might be many reasons why you are not able to get rid of that last bit of stubborn fat. However, you can also see there are many natural ways to get rid of fat and stay healthy at the same time.

Therefore, there is no need to make yourself unhealthy and take drastic measures. Keep it simple and keep it natural.