Mon. May 23rd, 2022

How To Lose Belly Fat at Home

Who wouldn’t want to reach their desired body results without having to put in a lot of effort? Getting something through an easy way is always a nice thing. Still, when it comes to the fat burning process the idea is not to find the easy way. On the contrary, it is the process of regaining control over yourself and showing the world that you can do it.

While you shouldn’t expect to reach your goal in a matter of a few weeks, the results will be inevitable if you stay patient and keep consistent with your diet and workout schedule. One of the biggest mistakes is that people see losing weight as a duty rather than as an option to become a better version of themselves. Enter the process without any pressure and enjoy the long-term results that will come as a positive consequence.

For a lot of people, it is not the lack of will power that is the problem but the lack of resources. They either don’t have time or money for a gym membership and think that without going to the gym, losing weight is not going to be possible. While the gym environment is a motivating one, you can do without it as well. If you know how to approach a home workout program and make the environment an enjoyable one, the results will come.

What is Belly Fat and What is the Cause of It?

Before moving on to how to lose fat in a home environment, it is important to define the term belly fat. Belly fat is accumulated around the waist and abdominal area and is mostly caused by predetermined genetics. Unlike arm fat which is more common for men, or thigh fat which is more common for women, belly fat is a stubborn area that is effectively present in both genders, and that makes it the biggest debate point out of all.

While you can’t trick your metabolism into spot burning fat, you can implement a number of strategies to improve the belly’s appearance and make the whole fat burning process a more effective one. Apart from genetics, inactivity is the second reason why belly fat is accumulated, with people spending most of their day in the chair and without regular exercise.
If you are not sure on what are the main principles of a healthy lifestyle we recommend that you take a look at the Stop Fat Storage program – it is an excellent source of information related to the fat burning process.

Lose Belly Weight in a Home Environment

As we mentioned above, the most common concern is that you can’t lose belly fat without hitting the gym. This is not true as the fat burning process is a matter of healthy habits that you can implement inside and outside of the gym.

First, it is the diet that plays a critical role and something you should focus on the most. As you know, diet is not connected to a gym membership, so there is no excuse when it comes to it. A major mistake people make is thinking they should starve themselves. That is not the goal, and you should rather switch the food sources instead of reducing your calorie intake to below the recommended limit. What does this mean? It means that there is no room for refined sugar products or fatty foods and that it is time to focus on macro and micronutrient-rich foods.

Out of all macronutrients, proteins play the most important role in the fat burning process. These boost your metabolism while maintaining or increasing muscle mass and bone density. On the other hand, both fats and carbs are seen as energy sources and you should have a healthy amount of these on a daily basis. Complex carbs from whole grains, rice, quinoa, as well as legumes are the way to go.

When it comes to fat you should focus on omega 3s and omega 6s coming in different forms (fish, olive/coconut oil, and nuts). The best protein sources are eggs and fish while eating lean types of meat is an option as well. Reducing your sodium intake and drinking more water will lead to a faster metabolism and less bloating.

The second important factor is sleeping. By getting an adequate amount of sleep, your cortisol levels will stay low, while your leptin levels will keep high. Once you wake up you will not be as hungry, and your body will not be stressed and forced to accumulate excess fat. Getting at least 6-7 hours a night is a must.

Lastly, is how to burn off the belly fat at home. There are numerous home workout regimes for burning belly fat. First, you should try to get at least 45 minutes of aerobic/cardio exercise 3 to 4 times a week. It can be in the form of running, walking, or any kind of HIIT program that is easy to do in a home environment.

Cardio exercise is a must when it comes to fat burning as it is the best way to elevate your heart rate and boost the metabolism. Along with that, there are exercises that you can do in order to tone your abdominal and waist region and develop more strength in the core. Starting off with crunches, you can do a variation of these that all target specific belly parts – leg-ups, sitting crunches, oblique crunches, scissor crunches, etc.

On the other hand, core strength plays a critical role in burning belly fat and the two exercises you should do at least few times a week are regular and side plank as well as the air chair routine. Last but not least, we recommend that you take light dumbbells in your hand and do a couple of minutes of shadow boxing each and every day. This exercise is great for developing overall strength and adds a little extra to your cardio regime. The Stop Fat Storage program comes with a number of great tips on how to exercise and what to do throughout the fat burning process.


Gym memberships are not a must and you can effectively exercise without paying a dollar. It is only a matter of your mindset and the effort you are willing to put in. Stay positive, consistent, and watch the results come before you even know it