Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

How To Lose Arm Fat

You are not satisfied with your body’s appearance and summer is coming. One of the most common approaches people go for in this kind of situation is strict dieting and heavy exercising for the next few months.

While diet and exercise do affect the fat burning process, you shouldn’t torture yourself – on the contrary, it should be an enjoyable process that will result in long-term lifestyle changes.

Whether your ultimate goal is to burn excess fat or build muscle mass, there are certain principles that you should follow.

It is not a rare occurrence that people who are trying to burn excess fat end up with that one fatty trouble spot that doesn’t want to give in. This can be pretty exhausting and in most cases, it is the people that give in and go back to previous unhealthy habits simply because they couldn’t achieve the wanted results in a matter of a few days or weeks. That is a major mistake and you should know that no results can come overnight.

But with enough patience and a positive mindset, even the most persistent fat spots will be gone. Out of all the problem areas, it is the arms that store a lot of fat. While this depends on genetics and other lifestyle factors, arms are a highly affected and stubborn area when it comes to the fat burning process. Read on to find out what you can do about it.

What is Arm Fat and What is the Cause of It?

Some people may have more problems with regions such as the back and thighs, but for those that have genetically stubborn arms when it comes to fat burning, there are a few solutions. Before getting into the strategies on how to approach this problem, it is important to define the arm region and explain where the arm fat comes from.

In most of the cases, the excess fat is stored in the shoulder and the bicep region, while some people have problems with fatty triceps, which affects the whole arms appearance (as triceps make up 2/3 of your arm).

The most common reason for arm fat is genetics, and it is not something you can have an influence on. On the other hand, a lack of physical activity is the second reason, and in most cases, exercising your arms at least a few times a month will provide you with a toned and more muscular arm appearance.

The Stop Fat Storage guide comes with a number of tips on how to exercise and what to eat when it comes to losing arm fat. While this region can be quite stubborn, it is nothing that you can’t fix with good lifestyle habits and a strict and persistent exercise schedule.

Tips on Getting Rid of Arm Fat

If you are reading this, you probably have issues with stubborn arms when it comes to fat loss. While genetics isn’t something you can have an effect on, there are still ways to approach your problem. The Stop Fat Storage program comes with is an excellent source of information on coping with this, providing general insight into the fat loss process.

First, it is exercise that you should focus on. I know what you will know to say – ‘I exercise enough and there are still no results.’ Well, you are not doing the right form of exercise if you see no results.

When it comes to fat loss, some workouts are more effective than others. While yoga and team sports are good for your overall health, it is the cardio and HIIT exercises that will make a change. By doing at least 3 x 45 minutes of aerobic exercise a week, and getting in some weight and body lifting exercises in the process, you will support an effective fat burning process that will conquer the stubborn arm area.

One of the best exercises for arms are the bicep curls and triceps extensions. By focusing on these exercises, you will build muscular and toned arms and reduce the amount of fat in this region. Apart from biceps curls and triceps extensions, shoulder presses prove to be quite effective, especially if the deltoid region is the most stubborn area.

A healthy and nutritious diet also plays a huge role in fat burning and if you implement the right habits without starving yourself, you should be looking at the desired results before you even know it. The whole idea is to cut back on unhealthy foods while increasing the intake of healthy food sources.

Primarily, it is the refined sugars that you should stay away from. While refined sugar is your major nemesis, you should know your allies as well. Protein intake might be the most important if you want to burn fat and build muscle in the process. The best sources of protein are fish and eggs, as well as lean types of meat.

You should up the intake of complex carbs as well as fruits and veggies that contain many valuable micronutrients. Legumes and whole grains are excellent sources of vegetarian protein as well, providing you with enough soluble fiber that is beneficial for GI tract and for metabolism boosting properties.

Don’t forget about drinking water – try to get at least 8 glasses each and every day. The Stop Fat Storage program is a great way to learn more about the habits you should avoid and the habits you should implement throughout the process.

Last but not least, there are ways to approach your stubborn arm problem if the normal fat burning strategies don’t seem to work with this area. While liposuction is one of the most common procedures, our vote goes to CoolSculpting – it is safe and doesn’t include an invasive intervention while still providing you with effective fat removal results.

Final Verdict

The fat burning process is not something that should be exhausting. By approaching it with a positive mindset and the idea of a long-term change, it will be an effective and pleasurable process that will provide you with desired results. While there are stubborn fat areas, you can still treat these using the above-mentioned strategies and implementing healthy lifestyle habits.