Mon. May 23rd, 2022

How Much Weight Can You Lose in a Month: A Breakdown

You love having burgers, pasta, pizzas, and all sorts of junk food but it comes at the cost of some extra pounds. Gaining weight is easy and losing weight is one of the biggest challenges you’ll face in your life. One of the most common questions related to weight loss is “How much weight can you lose in a month?

You can’t just sit around with a pack of Doritos in your hand and wish to lose some kilograms. You have to make some lifestyle changes to see the difference in yourself. From lifestyle changes, we refer to modifications in your daily routine.

The weight you can lose in a month depends on how much effort you’re willing to put. If you believe in yourself and can make slight changes to your schedule, you can lose up to 10 pounds in a month. Additionally, each workout type or physical activity, diet, and other factors will help you lose a certain number of pounds.

How Much Weight Can You Lose in a Month: The Number per Workout Type

You don’t gain weight after consuming three or four slices of pizza. The fat in your body takes some time to develop. It all boils down to the need for exercise.

Since there is a high number of exercises available, we have listed some of the exercises essential to weight loss. All these exercises can be performed without equipment, eliminating the need to go to the gym or buying expensive stuff.

1. Pilates

You may wonder, what’s the hype all about? Almost every celebrity is seen going to a Pilates session.

Pilates is a full-body workout. It can help you get rid of your fats, whether it’s belly fat or heavy thighs. Women weighing 140 pounds can burn 108 calories in a beginner’s Pilate session and 168 calories in advance Pilates session.

Don’t hesitate if you’re a beginner and have never done Pilates before. Pilates is an extremely easy and fun exercise, helping you lose weight and improve fitness.

2. Swimming

If you’re someone who doesn’t like to workout, swimming is the best alternative. Swimming is categorized as a low-impact workout and some think it doesn’t help in burning calories. Surprisingly, though, swimming burns approximately 400 to 500 calories per hour.

Let’s also not forget that the calories you burn are totally dependent upon your style of swimming. Free-style is likely to burn more calories than a butterfly.

Additionally, the best part of swimming is working out without sweating. It’s a great way of losing weight, alongside reducing the chances of having diseases and infections.

3. Cycling

The increasing trend of cycling and cycling clubs is because it helps in reducing weight. If you’re a nature-loving person who loves to breathe fresh air, cycling for an hour would be effortless. Believe it or not, it would help you burn 600 to 1000 calories, depending upon the speed and distance.

Cycling is especially super beneficial for those with heavy thighs and hips. If you’re an introvert who wants your own space, you can head towards a gym. All modern gyms have cycling machines with all the necessary functions such as timer, speed, and distance.

4. Jogging

The number of calories you can burn through jogging is incredible. While jogging, your whole body moves, making it easier to lose weight. It doesn’t matter if you have belly fat or bulky shoulders, jogging can help you get rid of it.

To lose weight in a month, though, you have to continue jogging for 30 to 45 minutes every day. It can help you burn 300 to 500 calories on average, depending upon your jogging speed. The best thing about jogging is that there’s not much you need to start except for a good pair of joggers.

5. HIIT: High-Intensity Interval Training

High-intensity interval training is recommended by all fitness trainers when you are seeking to quickly lose weight in a month. HIIT can help you burn more calories than you burn in your typical workout routine. Statistics suggest men can burn 30% more calories by embedding HIIT in their workout routine.

Here’s how it goes: you need to practice HIIT in your exercises. For instance, you’re cycling, all you have to do is move as fast as you can for 20 to 30 seconds and then turn back to your normal speed. If you’re cycling for 30 minutes, then make sure to repeat these 25 to 30 times.

6. Explosive Lunges

If you’ve tried out doing lunges, you know how painful it can be. If not, then we can throw some light on it. Explosive lunges are a part of high-intensity workout, which is essential for you to lose weight in a month.

All high-intensity workouts result in fast heartbeats, making calories burn faster. Explosive lunges help with increasing metabolism, which in turn helps in reducing weight quickly.

Once you start doing lunges, it would be painful because your muscles would stretch and erode fat. But with time, your body will get used to it, becoming painless.

7. Burpees

You might find this name a bit funny, but it’s one the best high-intensity workouts to curtail fat. Doing burpees may sound simple to you, but it isn’t. One or two burpees go easy, but the real challenge begins when you continue doing it for 60 seconds.

At the start, all your muscles would ache, but soon after a couple of days, your body would get used to it. The pain would be worth it though because burpees burn 50% more calories than regular workouts. This is also a whole body workout, making it easy to reduce weight.

Do You Need to Follow a Diet Plan: The Suggested Options

You may wonder, what’s the whole point of going on a diet when you’re already working out?

You’re working out to burn calories and fat in your body. But, would there be any point of it, if you end up grabbing melted cheeseburgers for dinner? No, right?

The number of pounds you lose in a month depends on how many calories you’re burning every day. Hence, to keep track of your calories and to reduce the calorie intake, it is essential that you follow a diet plan, such as:

1. Low Carbohydrate, High Protein Diet

Don’t get confused by the name since this is a simple diet plan. You’ll be restricted from having food which contains a high number of carbohydrates, for instance, milk, bread, pasta, rice, and sweets.

Yes, we know you love eating all those, but they’re not healthy and they are fattening. You can still consume carbohydrates but at a lower level and from other sources.

You should also increase your protein intake since it helps with muscle repair and will be your source of energy. Thus, you’ll start consuming green vegetables, nuts, lean meat, pork.

2. Low-Calorie Diet

We know you’re working out and trying your best to reduce weight. With that being said, there’s no point in burning 500 calories when you end up consuming 1500 calories a day.

A low-calorie diet makes sure you consume 800 or fewer calories a day, depending upon your weight goal. Following this diet plan, you’ll consume low-calorie food. For instance, non-sugary shakes, porridge, apples, and cabbage; all of them have a minimal amount of calories.

3. Low Fat Diet

Just like the name suggests, this diet eliminates all fatty items. In a low-fat diet, your meal plan includes vegetables, fruits, low-fat proteins, and meat without skin. If you adhere to the rules, then with the help of this diet, you can reduce weight quickly. It’s one of the best diets for losing weight.

Additional Tips

The weight you lose in a month depends on how hard you are trying. Here are some more tips which can help you out:

1. Count Your Calories

An in-mind record of calories could be misleading at times, after all, we are humans and prone to making mistakes. But wait, this doesn’t mean we are asking you to keep a pen and diary along.

This is a world of technology, and there are apps for this purpose. You just have to tell the app what you ate, and it would add-on to your calories.

2. Maintain a Low Level of Stress Hormones

You may wonder how stress is related to gaining weight but to your surprise, stress is one of the biggest elements for gaining weight. If your body has a high level of stress hormones, it can become difficult for you to lose weight. If you’ve ever consulted a doctor explaining the difficulty in losing weight, they must have suggested getting a hormone test done.

Since most weight gain is due to hormonal imbalances, stress is one of the top reasons. Whenever you stress about something, your body fats start storing enzyme, resulting in weight gain.

Once you’ve gained weight as a result of stress, it won’t go away easily. You have to put some extra effort, for instance, grabbing an herbal, stress-calming medicine, and fortunately, if you wish to get one, there are hundreds of them available.

These days people prefer taking HSD deactivate. The reason behind its popularity lies in its name: it helps in deactivating hormones that store fats.

HSD Deactivate helps you get rid of all the fat by modifying your hormones. What is better is that it doesn’t do anything to your inner system, but it only restricts unhealthy fats from staying inside your body.

HSD Deactivate comes in the form of capsules. You need to take it twice a day, approximately 30 minutes before your regular meal.

If you’re concerned about the reliability of this supplement, then let us assure you that its ingredients are plant-based, including Rhodiola rosea and Magnolia officinalis. Also, no chemicals have been added.

Now, some of you may wonder and ask, “What if I don’t want to quit my diet plan, and yet I want to try this product out?” Well, you can do this since it won’t make any difference to your diet. Apart from that, here are some of the essential things you need to know about HSD Deactivate:

  • A strict diet is not required: If you’re consuming the product, then it’s okay to eat whatever you feel like, without keeping track of your calories.
  • Non-addictive: If you feel your body isn’t acting right, you can stop consuming it right away without any form of withdrawal symptoms.
  • Vegan and vegetarian-friendly: You can take this capsule even if you have special dietary restrictions because it’s completely drawn from a vegan formula.
  • Nutritious: It consists of all important vitamins, essential for your body.
  • Great offer: The product won’t cost you an arm and leg since it has monthly bundle offers available, reducing prices further.

You can read more about HSD Deactivate on the Stop Fat Storage page. This program includes more strategies and tips on how to lose weight safely.

3. Eat Slowly and Drink Plenty of Water

Sometimes, small things like eating can make a difference in helping you lose weight. Enjoying your food is important and also makes you feel full quicker than usual. Some individuals claim that they have lower calorie intake due to slower eating.

Eating slowly will also help your body break the food down properly, distributing the nutrients better. It also assists in increasing your metabolic rate.

On the other hand, drinking water will help you feel full faster. This helps you reduce your food intake. So, try to eat small bites of food and consume the recommended number of glasses of water.

4. Sleep Well

Lack of sleep results in hunger and evident signs of anxiety. If you have a hectic job, requiring night shifts, then it is the reason for your gained weight. Therefore, make sure you’re not skipping on your sleep and maintaining a healthy living schedule.


How much weight can you lose in a month? This entirely depends on how you’re working out, what diet plan you are following, and other lifestyle changes. Yes, we do understand, it can be challenging, but it would be worth all your efforts.

When it comes to working out, some routines can provide you with better results compared to others. For example, high-intensity interval training can be most effective in terms of quick weight loss if done right.

We have tried listing all the potential exercises, diet plans, and some additional tips, which can help you out in your weight loss journey. Good luck!