Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

Yes, even self-hypnosis really works. When we go in and out of that day dream state everyday, that is hypnosis and suggestions are going into our sub-conscious mind. (Advertisers and movie makers are well aware of this and use it to THEIR full advantage).

If we keep re-iterating those thoughts about ourselves and habits then that is what will become familiar to us and the sub-conscious mind will always keep you safe by reverting to what is familiar. So you see you can re-wire and re-code your mind in 21 days!

Carry on reading for a full explanation of what happens when you are in the hypnosis state.

Hypnosis works by accessing the sub-conscious mind. This is where beliefs we have formed, positive and negative are stored and WE BELIEVE to be true.

It may not be true, but it is the meaning we have attached to the event that determines this!

Our mind will always steer us to safety and so it will always revert to the belief that steers us towards what is familiar and away from what is not familiar. Because it knows the outcome, you’ve done it before and survived. It may not be nice but it is familiar and this is why you consciously want to change but your sub-conscious mind will always go to what is familiar to keep you safe. So this is why Client’s find it hard to make a change.

From the time we’re born until about 8 years old we learn and the way we learn is through positive and negative associations, so we identify something and then we form a positive and negative association about it…so for example most children when they’re growing up like chocolate and cakes and sweet things.. When I was a child I hated vegetables. So we would say a negative association to vegetables and a positive association to the sweet things!

Growing up this is how it continues, we form positive and negative to about everything in our life, this is what becomes known and familiar to our sub conscious mind and we’re not really aware that it is happening.

When we are a child we take in everything as the absolute truth and form patterns of thinking and form habits until about 8 years when we develop another part of our mind called the critical mind and this allows us to start thinking for ourself and asking questions, start to question why we do certain things.

So they aren’t just doing what you tell them they are starting to think for themselves.

The conscious mind has logic, reason, will power and these are all functions of the conscious mind and that’s our thinking logical, rational part of the mind.

The conscious mind makes up 12% of our total mind power and the sub conscious mind (where all our associations are stored) makes up 88% of our total mind power.

Hypnosis Kent RTT

So you can see that today where 12% of your mind wants to move in a particular direction, logically your conscious mind says I need to eat healthy food, I want to lose weight but down in your sub conscious mind it is pulling you in the opposite direction, why? Because your mind knows the feeling you get from eating sweet stuff and also you may be holding onto weight to keep you safe….perhaps something that happened in childhood and until this belief, that is outdated now, is brought up and understood why you attached a meaning to it, like I have to be big, until then, you probably will always be sabotaging your effort.

In hypnosis we can by-pass that critical mind and then use the power of suggestion to by-pass our critical faculty and go into the sub conscious mind and start changing up the negative associations you have and give you an association that you want and thus creating a new habit.

The Client Must Want to Change?

If a Client seeks therapy out because their partner or someone else wants them to change for whatever reason some therapists may not see them because sub-consciously the Client is not going to make that change because it is not them that wants it. However, you can change their commitment rate by changing their thought process.

Hypnosis, is a state of mind, deep relaxation, quieting the conscious mind

Therapy, inputting suggestions, a new idea that is going to alleviate and banish your anxieties or fears

When the Client is ready to change and seeks out a therapist, and in this case a hypnotherapist to make a change the hypnotherapist is able to assist the Client to access the sub conscious mind and change the belief that they hold.

Client’s can come with an issue that they have had for years and sometimes many issues that they have learned to live with. Sometimes they may have been in therapy for years with little affect.

The reason I absolutely love hypnotherapy is that it doesn’t have to be drawn out over months and years even. One to three sessions is pretty normal in my Practice. Some Clients see me over a longer period of time if they require coaching for example, with weight issues, some Clients need the support longer to keep themselves accountable and just to keep them on track.

How Does Hypnosis Work On The Brain?

The brain changes in 3 ways.

  • decreased activity (where we stay vigilant) in the part of the brain that is aware of everyday things as in worrying about the little things – so we are more absorbed in our own self awareness and akin to being lost in a movie
  • there is a boosted connectivity between mind and body, our emotions, time, memory & decision making
  • lesser activity between the part of the brain that is self conscious, this switches off.

So what hypnosis does is it quietens our conscious mind, the part of our mind that is always busy analysing new data and deciding if this is right for us and ‘is it the best decision for us’ (probably based on old belief’s system)

With hypnosis, this state of relaxation, we can by-pass our conscious mind, that is always analysing, this is what we call the conscious critical faculty.

Because, it is consciously making a judgement in order to make what it thinks is the right decision but this decision maybe based on learned beliefs that we have picked up (programmed) from our parents, teachers, guardians when we couldn’t make this judgement for ourselves.

We by-pass our conscious mind to the sub-conscious mind. They both become a level playing field and this is where we can put suggestions in that are in agreement with your beliefs and moral compass because you are very much part of your own therapy.

The sub-conscious mind is the part that does not judge, it communicates through our feelings and accepts suggestions, this is the therapy side of hypnosis – hypno – therapy

Hypnosis, is a tool used to create a relaxed state of mind, via induction.

Suggestion, is the formation of an idea, that is input into the sub-conscious mind now it is in this relaxed state.

Is Daydreaming A Form Of Hypnosis

We go into a this hypnotic state every day without really realising it, for instance, when you are driving to work or to the shops or some other route and when you finally arrive at your destination (or a longer journey a certain stop that has broken the trance) you cannot remember the route, the landmarks that you usually notice.

Or the time you were so engrossed in a movie that you didn’t see someone walk into the room and even walk right in front of you because you were disengaged from your surroundings.

The child that is busy playing and totally absorbed in the fantasy world that they have made. This is hypnosis.

We are so self absorbed in the thoughts that we are thinking whilst doing a particular activity that we are not aware at that particular time of our surroundings. If you think about it now you can recall several times this has happened to you and it does so everyday, especially young children they go in and out of the trance state quite frequently and easily.

How Is Hypnosis Different From Sleep?

In hypnosis the Client is fully aware of everything that is going on around them, you’ll be awake, you’ll hear everything I tell you, you’ll be fully in control. You’ll possibly hear noises inside and outside the room and even when a surgical procedure is going to be carried out under hypnosis, the person is fully aware but there is no sensation of pain or concern.

In the sleeping state you can still respond to suggestion while sleeping, especially the moment before you fall asleep just as your mind is going into the alpha state, which is also what you go into in hypnosis. The main part here is you are not interacting in sleep with the therapist and this is where the therapist and Client have a dialogue so that they can re-code all the new beliefs.

Manifestations are said to have a positive outcome if done just before sleep when the mind is entering the alpha brain state.

When you write in your manifestation journal a good way to guarantee your results is to read and/or write them out before you go to sleep and they are sure to manifest, this is why a lot of the manifestation coaches tell you to do this.

You can read my Morning Mantras here.

A 2015 study, Subconscious Learning While Sleeping by scientist Megan Scudellari in the New Scientist showed the readings that the patients were wired up to, that the brain does not switch off during sleep, and processes auditory information just as it would when we’re awake and its preferred response is the information that has meaning to them, then it engages.

Related Questions

RQ 1.Stage Hypnotist

With stage hypnotist’s they work very very quickly on establishing the most suggestible people, and the ones that aren’t are sent back to their seats.

  • First off, the person has volunteered to go on stage, already signally that they want to be up on stage whatever the hypnotist is going to get them to do.
  • Secondly, you only have their word for it that they didn’t have a clue what they were doing, they may not have but some people at a sub conscious level like to be exhibitionist.
  • Thirdly any embarrassing acts are just the ‘role’ that the person is playing and it isn’t them performing these weird acts. “It’s not me, the hypnotist made me do it”.
  • Fourthly, they can stop at anytime but the onus is now on them to perform and play that role but they don’t have to be held accountable. It was the Hypnotist that made me do it!

RQ 2.Can A Suggestion Be Implanted?

One point to mention is that if you are NOT in agreement with a suggestion then the sub-conscious mind may reject it because it may be that it is not said in your language, or something that you truly believe. What do I mean by that? ie, the words you use; this is why YOUR input is essential in hypnotherapy to get the best possible outcome.

If I was to speak to you in a vocabulary that you did not use then your sub-conscious mind would not accept it, for example, we can use different words that mean the same thing, however the words used, if they are not your particular language, (colloquial) could remind the Client of someone that they absolutely hate and so you can imagine that when the therapist is re-coding an re-wiring you for success, it’s probably not going to be very effective as every time a word or phrase was used in the recording the Clients sub-conscious mind is going to reject it because their very clever mind is immediately going to link that choice of word or phrase to a particular person or events around that it.

RQ 3. Can Client’s that are hyper-vigilant or need to be in control still be hypnotised?

Yes they can. During the first session with my Client I would discover if this was the case and take the necessary steps for each individual.

These are determined on the first session and it maybe that the Client will have an audio and other self help methods I give them to help in this instance and then by the following week they are ready for the hypnosis.

It maybe that this can be resolved in the first session and in most cases it is resolved.

By Diane